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Why are we doing this?

We are often asked why we are doing this. So here's a radio interview where we tried to answer that question:

The history of the Masonic temple

The Masonic Hall, 14 Camp Street, Ballarat, was built in the early 1870s. It was a successful meeting and networking hub for the Masons, flush with success at the height of the gold rush.

In the 1920s the hall was bought by the State Electricity Commission as a social club. A ladies' loo and a dance floor were added, and the hall was given over to dances and film nights. Locals still remember coming to the temple for Christmas events, to see plays, to enjoy a game of billiards and ping pong. Inside a door under the stairs, a shopping list for the social club can still be seen – there was a need for pies, coffee, ginger, butter and milk. We've discovered rooms that go nowhere, an unused loft and we've kept the original urinal.

Today the temple – renamed The Lost Ones Contemporary Art Gallery – is a place to find the odd, the amusing and the interesting. It's an ongoing project. We design murals for the walls, enjoy the odd spaces, and we welcome local as well as national and international artists. Today we are designing and planning a bar in our basement to complement the workshops and events we host.

The Lost Ones is named for the reclaiming of lost arts and crafts, the lost communities that were either embraced or rejected by the hall in the past, and to celebrate the lost ideas that creep on the edges of our vision.