We are seeking interns!  

An 8 week slot working around your school calendar.  Hours are Wednesday to Friday, 11am to 4pm. 

You will:

  • Sit in on curatorial meetings, and learn about specific artists
  • Manage our reception desk, and greet visitors
  • Maintain the gallery
  • Assist with breakdown of shows
  • Assist with show hangs
  • Research artists and their genres under direction
  • Provide administrative support in building catalogues and works lists
  • Liaise with customers and purchasers

We would like to meet you. 

If interested, please email hello[at]thelostones.com.au to find out more!

basement bar opens a kitchen - and needs staff

 We’re looking for you. Our kitchen of wickedly good sharing plates, inspired by old-world European flavours has just opened, and we’ve got work to share.

Casual shifts are available to the right kind of people, starting immediately. If you have a wicked sense of humour, confidence interacting with a diverse range of perfectly lovely weirdos and want to learn more about wine, spirits, great food and coffee, please drop us a note.

We’re only keen on that special kind of service – the one where your glass is never empty, but the wait-team is never up in your grill. If you want to work with grown ups, or you are one, then we encourage you to apply.

It goes without saying that practical bar experience is preferred, but we’re more than happy to chat to the driven, energetic soul who is willing to learn.

You’ve got to be flexible in your hours, and being available on evenings and weekends is essential. Please send your resume. Tell Brodie why we should hire you - brodie@thelostones.com.au