Hidden down the alley, in the belly of The Lost Ones Contemporary Art Gallery, is the Basement Bar. Originally the Masonic Temple's dining hall, The Lost Ones Basement Bar is deliberately hard to find, but once you've found us there's no forgetting.

Open 2pm-11pm Wednesday to Friday, 11am -11pm Saturday and 11am-7pm Sunday. Kitchen open from 2pm.


Fine wine, spirits, cocktails and food.

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 Our wine, spirits and cocktail list respect and respond to the seasons as well as the tastes and the request of our guests. We favour the classic, rather than the passing fad. We are a Scotch Malt Whisky Society partner bar.

With an ever-growing wine and craft beer list of local, right through to well respected national and international names, you can be guaranteed to sample something you know as well as try something different. We have a passion for the spirits, carrying a wide range of Australian and international labels and a frequently changing menu of cocktails.

The Lost Ones Basement Bar hosts live music, performance poetry, and political discussions of all persuasions. Snuggle into the velvet couches, gather friends around our tables, or simply settle in for a game of Cards Against Humanity or Scrabble.


Find us down the alley

14 Camp Street, Ballarat 3350