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Sunday Sessions: Jen Lush

Sunday, November 26th,


Free Event

Lush is best known for her work with folk-pop band Cat Dog Bird and electronic experimentalists Suvome, and her diverse musical background coalesces on The Night’s Insomnia, her debut solo album. Sparse arrangements leave words and emotions front and centre, with Lush’s sublime voice channeling the poets’ disparate and intimate viewpoints into a singular, heartfelt, musical expression. 

Stark and spacious, darkly fleeting, bold and beautifully teetering on the edges of folk, alt-country and something entirely it’s own. Chris Parkinson’s (The Yearlings) trademark acoustic steel string, searing electric drones and percussive guitars, luminous floating melodies and tides of longing vocal harmonies underpinned by Richard Coates’ electronic soundscapes, keyboards and lilting accordion.