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Out of Copyright Film Night - Track of the Moon Beast (1976)

“Harris was killed by some kind of thing that was nearly 7 feet tall, had hands with claws on the fingers, and walked on feet like I’ve never seen before.”

It’s 1976 and denim hotpants, flared trousers and wide lapels dominate this horror movie from desert New Mexico. A tanned, ‘mineralogy’ studying hottie, who has a penchant for removing his shirt and keeping a lizard in a cage, is caught in a meteor shower. He’s transformed into a lizard beast who is affected by the moonlight. The dangerously-thin love interest demonstrates all of the traits of a woman in a standard-issue horror movie by being scared of everything and needing saving. Everyone looks to the mildly racist stereotype of a Native American anthropologist to help solve the murders as they rack up.

Earlier Event: 13 March
Bar Choir!
Later Event: 17 March
Sunday Session: Nathan Power