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The Kelly Gang Remixed - with Geoffrey Williams

Tickets: $15 (sorry no concessions)

It’s over 100 years since the silent movie, The Story of the Kelly Gang, opened in Melbourne. This Australian-made production is thought to be the world’s first feature-length narrative movie. Despite raking in thousands of pounds and being celebrated as a landmark Australian film, by the end of the Second World War all known prints of the movie were thought to have vanished. Until the mid-1970s, some publicity material and a few photographs were all that remained. Thanks to some lucky finds and painstaking work, 16 minutes of this extraordinary film has now been pieced together and restored.

During the 2019 Ballarat Heritage Week, we're revisiting and remixing The Story of the Kelly Gang, with the help of local performer Geoffrey Williams. The inaugural performance of this world-class silent film has been now set to an original, commissioned musical, interpretative piece.

A handful of tickets are available to this "world premiere" of our remix of The Kelly Gang.