15 MAY 2018 - 1 JUly 2018



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The Fabulous Maude exhibition showcases the contrasts and commonalities between a pioneering Creswick female artist of the late 1800s, Maude Glover Fleay, and a group of modern contemporary female artists of Ballarat today.

The exhibition is inspired by the life and works of Maude, celebrating her work as a botanical artist and an environmentalist who was way ahead of her time.

The Fabulous Maude exhibition features a large collection of different mediums – from fine art, abstract contemporary works right through to ceramics and jewellery. This exhibition is designed to examine the similarities and differences faced by female artists in Australia – the pressures to conform, the fact of fewer available opportunities to excel, and the way in which these obstacles can often help create the richest creative response.

This group exhibition breathes a new power into Maude’s artistic work, celebrating her energies and reinventing her for today.

This show coincides with Ballarat’s own Heritage Week.

The Lost Ones Contemporary Art Gallery.