5 APRIL - 23 APRIL 2017


Showing works by Melanie Hill, Glenys mANN, Deb McArdle & Nonie SutCliffe

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Nonie Sutcliffe Listening Cloth #1 (detail), 2017  Handstitched vintage cloth, 36 x42cm 

Nonie Sutcliffe Listening Cloth #1 (detail), 2017
 Handstitched vintage cloth, 36 x42cm 

Cloth INC

Glenys Mann, Deb McArdle, Melanie Hill and Nonie Sutcliffe are each textile artists in their own right, and exhibit together under the name of Cloth inc.

The title of the exhibition, a thin line, is a reflection of the mend and repurpose ethos the collective espouses.

The works in a thin line are a modern take on a very traditonal skill. These intricate pieces breach the traditional boundaries of textile art, reflecting the quiet, often solitary act of stitching and mending, telling the stories of those who made them, as though through a murmur.

“We are constantly reusing, restitching and repurposing textiles to give them new meaning and new life,” artist Nonie Sutcliffe said. “Fibre and textile arts are about taking a very traditional discipline and using it as a canvas for our memories, emotions and thoughts. We aim to provoke a memory or a smile, to spark a thought or start a conversation with a new audience.”

While a majority of the featured works centre around hand stitching, artist Nonie Sutcliffe defies traditional boundaries of textile art through the use of mono printing and symbolic imagery, often enriched with subtle text. 

Glenys Mann works primarily with found cloth and textiles, including pre-loved woollen blankets, fine hand knits like baby blankets and silks, used to express both the emotions of the environment and of everyday life.

These pre-loved textiles make the basis for Mann’s works, inspired by what she refers to as the marginal world, a place between reality and fantasy, allowing the creatures of her imagination to roam into her daily life through her artworks.

Please join us for our opening event and meet the Cloth Inc artists on Monday April 10 between 2pm and 4pm. 

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