Steve Sedgwick is a Ballarat based artist who sees more than landscape. In his series Painted Land, Steve celebrates the complex colours and ever-changing nature of the Australian natural environment.

Steve paints in the open air, which gives each paint stroke a sense of place and time. He also works within the studio, taking the memories and fragments back to his enclosed environment and working his pieces into distinct abstracts.

Steve's exhibition is called 'Painted Land' - a journey into memory. His work is an exploration of the pathways we take, at once viewing the open landscapes before us and also taking the memory of them with us. Steve's process is an interesting one where he stands in front of a scene and commits it to the canvas - but then he takes the next step. Steve removes himself from the landscape and paints the scene from memory, reducing it down to elements, blocks and lines and colour.

There's a simple joy in his colour use, but also something more gutteral and deep in the works from memory. Steve has confidence and trust in his interpretation of the landscape, and he asks you to come along with him on the journey.

Below are some more of Sedgwick's work that is currently not on display. Ask our friendly staff and they are able to show you what we have in the stockroom.