'This is The Lost Ones' podcast #6 - Art + Body Politic


Art + Body Politic was the first exhibition for the 2018 calendar year, and it kicked off the gallery with humour, energy and debate. As we waved goodbye to the results of the same-sex marriage survey and welcomed the resulting legislation in late 2017, Art + Body Politic was designed as a chance to discuss where the personal meets the political.

This group show featured the works of Liam Benson, Lucas Grogan, Kirsten Fredericks and Paul Yore. Colourful, wild, funny and tender, this collection of works celebrated the concept of love, gender and identity.

This podcast interviewed participating artist, Kirsten Fredericks, and local performance artist Deb Lord. Deb and Kirsten discussed how they saw the difference between their personal lives and the art they make, and whether their art makes political statements.

Tara PooleComment