Tamara Dean Shoaling 2015 pure pigment print on cotton rag paper, 151 x 193cm.

Tamara Dean Shoaling 2015 pure pigment print on cotton rag paper, 151 x 193cm.



Tamara Dean is an internationally recognised Australian photographer who explores rites of passage in her large scale works. Tamara studied Studio Art at the College of Fine Arts before completing her BA in Design at the University of Western Sydney, and has completed her MFA at the National Art School. Tamara has received numerous awards including the Olive Cotton Award and Sydney Life: Art & About.

Tamara’s lush and immersive works explore the transitional nature of youth. She captures the desire for exploration, of challenge and she reveals young people poised on a path to somewhere important. The tones of her images resemble pre-Raphaelite paintings, and Tamara’s love of light and dark reveal the sensuality of her muses. She combines the daily and mundane, making it exalted and divine. Her images lovingly examining her subjects as they converse, engage and communicate.


Please join us at 6pm on Thursday August 17 for drinks and to hear the artist in conversation with curator and ex-editor of Artist Profile Owen Craven. 

Tamara Dean's exhibition will also play host to a special seminar on the Future State of Australian Photography, 16th September between 2pm and 4pm. more information available here

20th september - 8th october 2017

daniel butterworth | when the black dog bites

It's not like you would think Sadness, 2016

It's not like you would think Sadness, 2016

Archibald finalist Daniel Butterworth's series of paintings 'When The Black Dog Bites' are on show in the Gallery from 20th September through till the 8th October. This reflective series of portraits is an experiment in ekphrasis, where Daniel has internalised the actual experiences, the words, and the emotions of those who struggle with the black dog of depression. Daniel called on the public to supply him with their personal interpretations of their depression after overhearing the words "I took my neck out of a noose today, mum". Rocked by the thought that some of us are halted by the depth of our emotional life, and drained to the point of exhaustion, he decided to enter into their world and paint what he saw.

Daniel was overwhelmed by the response. He was inundated with words from those who wanted to explain their depression, and they were as simple as a single word, such as "winter", right through to complex poems. Daniel has treated his self-portraits for this series in his traditional painting manner, with loose gestural mark-making and the dribble of house paint. But there is something darker in this series, something bleak and foreboding in the trickle of paint down cheek and eye, and over the edge of the frame. The full face within the frame means the viewer cannot avoid the darkness and the all-consuming nature of the emotional life Daniel seeks to represent. He is reaching out of the frame both in composition and technique - reaching out to the very person who offered their innermost frailties while also reaching out to everyone else who is watching on.

The opening of Daniel Butterworth's show is a fundraiser for both Daniel's ongoing work and the work of the Ballarat Arts Foundation. As part of our examination of the self-portrait, Daniel will create a portrait of one lucky patron during the opening event on the 22nd September. 


Bidding for your portrait

Are you interested in having your portrait painted by Daniel Butterworth? We are giving you the opportunity to bid for the chance to have your portrait, or that of someone you nominate, painted during the opening event (6pm 22nd September 2017). This is a live painting experience, not to be missed. Place your bid in the field below.


Current Bid = $300



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