31 MAY - 18 JUNE 2017


Jaedon Shin Chapayom  2017 Acrylic on canvas, 200 x 270cm

Jaedon Shin Chapayom  2017
Acrylic on canvas, 200 x 270cm


Solo show by Australian - Korean artist Jaedon Shin whose vividly colourful paintings draw our attention to the alienation of man in modern society.  Shin paints impassive  and emotionally inaccessible figures paused, or frozen in time,  in liminal spaces or places of humdrum and limited transaction - in a subway,  an almost deserted cafe, an empty market or playing the pokies. 

His lurid, flat almost tropical settings are at odds with the anonymity,  and cheerlessness of his people.  Shin says "I do not hesitate to use raw colour directly from colour tubes", colours so vivid they "seem to hurt eyes" to highlight the sometimes meaningless and monotony of human life,  particularly of  " common people who are powerless and never truly free, living their lives patiently and stoically as a mere speck at an infinitesimal point in time within the landscape of the long course of history". 


21 JUNE - 16 JULY


Craig Barrett Murray Flood

Craig Barrett Murray Flood

A survey of the past 20 years in Victorian artist Craig Barrett’s career.

' We are nothing without the land and the country we walk upon. The land we farm for food, the country in which we find quiet spiritual sustenance, or in which we dig for riches. For those who can listen, the country talks to us, it informs us, it encourages us, and it rebukes us.

Indigenous cultures worldwide do not see themselves as owning land – rather, they belong to it. Through all its stillness and excitement, fire and flood, we all belong to the land.

My modest effort in pictures is about that relationship to land and country. '

— Craig Barrett




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