Television production masterclass


Television production masterclass


Date: Saturday May 27,  2- 5pm
Cost: $85
Class: Navigate the Television Business in one day – Producing Course

Executive Producer, Stephen Luby of Ruby Entertainment who produced The Secret River will take you through the process required to produce screen content for film, television or on-line in the context of the Australian industry.

In the form of a Case Study of Ruby Entertainment’s recent award winning mini-series ‘The Secret River’, the Masterclass will explore the process by which an idea is transformed into an on-screen product, via stages including script development, pitching, financing , budgeting , contracting, shooting, editing and marketing.

You will come away with a clear understanding of how the screen industry works, how a project can be built from the ground up, the pitching process and with insights into the realities of producing content that attracts funding and engages audiences.

Course testimonials: 
“My background is as a playwright, but I wanted to learn how to produce for film and television. I chose a producer’s course conducted by Steve Luby. I loved it. Not only did it give me the necessary “nuts and bolts” of producing, it also gave me critical insights into SELLING your project. There may be other courses which teach you how to produce, but Steve also taught me how to write a marketable pitch. After finishing the course I  co-wrote, directed and produced “SHOTGUN WEDDING” which was a finalist in Tropfest. I am now completing a script for my first feature film with confidence that I know what needs to be done to make and sell it". 
Rod Saunders (writer, director, producer)

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