Tales of Rat City Podcast Launch

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Tales of Rat City Podcast Launch


Tales of Rat City Pod Cast Launch
Some refreshments provided, drinks at bar prices.

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Date: Saturday May 27 from 4 to 6pm

Join us for the launch of the new podcast series, “Tales from Rat City”.  This series will delve into the bizarre underbelly of Ballarat’s unique and forgotten history. 

A collaborative effort between Federation University Historian Dr David Waldron, producer Thomas Hodgson and actress Katrina Hill, this series brings to life darker episodes of Ballarat’s history through a talented team of young voice actors. 

The podcasts explore the hidden stories from Ballarat’s history focusing on the lives and histories of people often left forgotten.  The first two episodes “Affairs of the Dead” on Ballarat’s Spiritualist community and “All the Mischief Ah Coon is Capable of Doing” on the rise and fall of Chinese community leader Hugh Ah Coon, will be revealed along with discussion of forthcoming episodes.

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